Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fight! KT So or Christine Mendoza!

I was wondering who was more popular, KT So or Christine Mendoza.

So I checked out Google Trends. This is Google search popularity people. So take it with a grain of salt. It does show which import model guys are more interested in.

Now let's see the charts -

Looking at 2006, Christine Mendoza and KT So were pretty much tied. Around July, Christine starts to slightly trend consistently a little higher. The word is "consistently", her search popularity never drops below KT So's popular trend line after July.

How did this happen? The month was April 2006, when she had a seismic spike in people searching her name.

On April 11, IGN had an interview with Christine Mendoza. She could thank IGN for getting her name out there.


In 2007, KT So's trend line stays pretty much static, unlike Christine's trend line, which has movement.


What does this mean? Well, it means I'm an insomniac and when I can't sleep, I think of really stupid things.

All in all, when they look like that, I really don't care which one is more popular in Google searches.

They are both fine hot women. The first picture is of KT So. She's pretty slim, very slim, really yummy. The second pic is Christine Mendoza. She has a little bit more meat, but it's all prime beef there boy.

They both have big breastessesesese, with Christine having some edge in that department.

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