Wednesday, April 2, 2008

KT So Rock on!

This hall is huge. Wherever you look, hot looking girls dressed to the nines are walking with their girl friends or there b-friends. Most of these girls seem to want to be discovered. Because man, a lot of them look incredibly hot - way better looking and dressed more scantily than some of the models at HIN.

One model that was pretty much untouchable was this girl! KT So has a nice body and everything is in proportion... ya know what I mean? She was signing autographs at the NOS stage, which was pretty kool.

Tons of models were below the NOS stage signing autographs and selling photos, from KT So, Jenny Chu... ughhhh.... damn, I don't know the names of the other models.

Well, enjoy some of the photos I took of KT So at the Hot Import Nights event in Los Angeles. I have tons more of her photos from other events I went to.

One sad thing was that I missed the NOS beauty contest. I arrived to late, and the crowd was so hella huge that I was way in the bloody back of the crowd. Couldn't take a good shot of any of the hot women. Booo Hooo.

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