Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lowrider in San Bernardino coming up

Lowrider in San Bernardino is coming up. Last years Lowrider event was big - BIG! Where will I be? No where near the event.... it's to freaky far from where I live. Now if there's going to be a San Diego Lowrider event like they had last year. I'm there! I have family down in San Diego and I could crash a place to stay for free.

With gas price around $4 dollars and rising, man... that's going to be over $50 dollars just for gas money, then parking, food, water and ticket... yea, if I don't get a media pass, I'll have to buy a ticket. So total estimate to go to the Lowrider in San Bernardino is $100 plus bucks minimum.

But if you're going, man, it's a great event, hella funny sometimes, owners are some of the most enthusiastic people I've met at car shows. Models are beautifully endowed with great pairs of breasts... compared to import tuner shows with the slim slim Asian girls.

I wonder if Streetlow is going to have their event in Costa Mesa this year. But no worries, I just remembered, TruckJam is going to be held right next to that water park in Irvine this year. Yea TruckJam.... pretty big event. Last year was pretty good. Definitely going this year.

Streetlow photos from last year.

Here's some photos from the San Diego Lowrider event from last year.

Last years pictures from the San Bernardino Lowrider show.

Here's a few photos from the TruckJam event from 2007.

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