Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ultra Low Rise Jeans are incredibly hot

Oh man. Check this out. Every hottie model at import shows has to wear these things at least once. These are hot!

Yea. They make my nether regions tingle more than those Daisy Dukes when they were popular.

Sanna's Brazil Fashion has every kind of clothing that every single sexy woman should wear.

Here's a direct link to the Ultra Low Rise Jeans from Sanna! Here's all the different flavors of these ULTRA Low Rise Jeans, you gotta see them - plain slick looking things.

Just wow - it's the bikini that takes it over the top. The jeans alone are.... yea that's cool. Add the bikini and man, the thoughts that pore out of my head.... the world becomes sexier!

Your imagination comes through with really delicious thoughts - I feel like ice cream. Man I feel like ice cream now.

... so which model is going to hopefully wear this? I'm hoping Christine Mendoza, Francine Dee, Jenny Chu and KT So in that order. Please! Please! Please! Please!

... and Alicia Ann Whiten... now that's delicious...!

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