Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lowrider Tour San Bernardino Schedule of Events!

Lowrider Tour Chevrolet Grill Classic 2009

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Here's the schedule for tomorrow's Lowrider Tour in San Bernardino!

11:00 AM Doors Open to Public
12:00 PM Hydraulics Competition
3:00 PM Concert
4:45 PM Bikini Contest
5:00 PM Show Close
5:15 PM Awards Ceremony

This time, I'm going to check out the Hydraulics competition. Never knew how to show the competition using a camera, seeing that you don't see what it's all about... the hops. Now I'm going to video the the competition and put it on my YouTube page. Much better.

Concert at 3PM. I'll probably check it out for some videos and pictures. I gotta fill that YouTube page of mine! Taking video is freaking cool.

Now the bikini contest at 4:45. Now that's what I'm talking about. I'll probably just hang out at the stage after the concert and wait it out for the bikini contest. I wish there was an earlier one before the concert. That would have been cool.

I just had a brillaint idea.... so close to publishing this post when boom, it just struck me. Lowrider, import tuner, custom car shows should not only have a bikini contest or a fashion show. What needs to be shown is a go-go dancer competition! Imagine girls in thongs... which would be mandatory dancing on stage... with a poll! Yea, you gotta have a poll, like a stripper poll. Not that I'm condoning stripping at these shows, but yea, it would be pretty cool. Judges? Hell dudes! Let the frenzy of the drunk crowd be the judge!

These girls are wearing too much to be considered contestants in the go-go contest.

bikini girls

hispanic bikini girls models

The lowrider show closes at 5. Probably not wait for the Awards Ceremony. I know it's going to be hot. Maybe it will rain hard, hell dude, its weird weather we're having and I can see a flash rain appearing and disappearing just as quick.

A lot of classics at the lowrider tour.

Lowrider chevrolet custom car

And then you got your heavily modified customs at the car show.

classic custom car

Nice angle shot.

classic custom car

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