Monday, August 17, 2009

Big pictures of cars and girls

Nisei showoff import tuner car show Los Angeles 2009

I'm posting really big pictures from car shows... and hot girls! I never thought nothing of it, just a progression from the small pictures when I started blogging and going to car shows to what I got today... really big pictures!

So, I was at work with looking at my small little business monitor, and man, I got curious and typed autoshowevents.com as a search in google. voila! Clicked on it and booom! Damn dude! Those are freaky big pictures! Bigger than most of the other car show sites! There's a big difference from looking at my site from my big monitor at home vs my work computer... man.

Well, yea, not much of a post. Just wanna say. Dude, you got some humongous pictures of car shows! I have been thinking about this site and its future for a few months now, and I'm going to move over to a self-hosted wordpress blog in a few months... in a few years? I need to put my gallery and blog posts in one site instead of having them in two different sites. For some reason, the search engines don't like this...

Here's another thought I've been having for the last few weeks... the Tokyo Autosalon is coming up in January 15-17, and I've been thinking of going next year! Now that the Nisei car show is over and the Mega Matsuri event is coming this Saturday, I'm getting riled up to go to Chiba and take some pictures of some hot looking Japanese girls... uhhh, I meant modified cars!

I'll probably move with it and decide soon enough, I just procrastinate too much.

Notice! I checked out the site for press media pass to the Tokyo Autosalon, and saw an empty page... dude... I gotta wait a few months before I ask for a media pass.... hmmmm... anybody want to sponsor this site? I need some cash for this trip to Tokyo, I'm so F#@% cheap.

Yea, I know I'm so going... I gotta pull the trigger and buy the plane ticket and reserve a hotel room. I remember when I was at the Fukuoka Auto Salon last year. Attended the last day and I got there a few hours before it closed, but it was sweet!

Just imagine 3 days of pictures and videos...!

For the hell of it, here's more pictures from the Nisei Car Show.


Nisei showoff import tuner car show Los Angeles 2009

I like this picture.

Nisei showoff import tuner car show Los Angeles 2009

N1Concepts brings out an import Scion pickup truck from Japan!

Nisei showoff import tuner Scion pickup truck car show Los Angeles 2009

Can't resist adding another picture of a hot looking asian girl!

Nisei showoff import tuner hot asian girl car show Los Angeles 2009

It's been a long day dude, get some rest!

Nisei showoff import tuner Team Hybrid car show Los Angeles 2009

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